Wild Cheddar

  • $6.95


Buckle up for a taste adventure with our 'Wild Cheddar' popcorn – a daring fusion of The Richmond Popcorn Co.'s signature Wild Wild West and classic Cheddar Cheese flavours. This bold blend unites the tangy zest of Dill Pickle and the sharp bite of Salt and Vinegar with the creamy, rich depth of our artisanal Cheddar Cheese. Each kernel is a journey through flavour country, where the wild spirit of the West meets the comforting embrace of melted cheddar goodness. Perfect for those who love a bit of a tangy kick with their cheese, our Wild Cheddar popcorn is a snack that's as audacious and lively as the streets of Richmond itself. Get ready to experience a popcorn flavour that's truly wild at heart!