We sure do! We would love to partner with other local shops and businesses to get the Richmond Popcorn Co. brand out to as many folks as possible! Please reach out to our team via our contact section and we'd be happy to discuss further with you.

We are proud to say that we are a completely nut free facility!

Our regular small and large bags offer a zipper seal AND are heat sealed nice and tight. These products are known to stay fresh for up to 6 weeks prior to the package being opened.

We also offer popcorn cones and sleeves. These packages are not sealed. It's best to consume the popcorn from these bags within a few days for best taste! If you need help eating that product, come on back to the store and our staff are more than happy to help munch away on the product for you!

It sure is! The Richmond Popcorn Co., is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs Niki and Dan Gemus along with their three children, Sebastien, Olivier and Sophie. And we can't forget the amazing staff in place that keep everything running smoothly!

We ask that you please reach out to our team prior to confirming a fundraiser schedule. This will help our team plan appropriate staffing to prepare and deliver your order in an efficient and timely manner!

We most definitely do. Please reach out to our team via the contact form or by phone and we'd be happy to send a list your way!